You are currently viewing EP.16 Müge Ozcan on Keeping Yourself Protected, Legally, in the Mining Industry

EP.16 Müge Ozcan on Keeping Yourself Protected, Legally, in the Mining Industry

As a miner, chances are you’re not too knowledgeable about law. But this ignorance, according to the latest guest on the Full Production podcast, is precisely what causes so many legal issues in our industry.

Müge Ozcan is a WA-based lawyer whose firm, Vitalis Legal, helps miners (and others) with employment issues, contract disagreements and other legal situations. In our latest episode, Müge and I met at her office to talk about her humble beginnings as the daughter of Turkish immigrants in a rough Sydney suburb, and the journey that led to her running her own law firm.

Müge has a bright personality and is incredibly passionate about her work. If you’ve ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes in legal situations pertaining to the mining industry, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.

During the show, Müge and I chat about:

  • How visiting prisons early on in her career taught Müge what she really wanted to pursue in life
  • Why smaller companies need a lawyer to keep themselves guarded against predatory practices
  • The importance of having a proactive, and not reactive, mentality
  • Why you should be honest with your employers, and why they should be honest with you
  • How you can navigate legal situations by doing research beforehand
  • Why relationships are so important when it comes to the legal profession
  • How investing money now in legal representation can save you money later
  • Why you should reach out to lawyers now before the industry starts picking up



Müge Ozcan – LinkedIn
Vitalis Legal – website