You are currently viewing EP.6 Getting Graduates into the Mining Industry with Steve O’Dea of West Gold

EP.6 Getting Graduates into the Mining Industry with Steve O’Dea of West Gold

On another jam packed episode of the Full Production podcast, I talk with long-time mining industry mate, Steve O’Dea. Steve is former managing director of BK Gold Mines and now regional manager for West Gold, and he’s has been in the mining game for 20 years. With a background as an underground mining engineer, Steve has a solid view point on the challenges of recruiting graduates into mining, and how to address some of the key issues facing the industry as a whole.

I chat to Steve about his education in the UK at Camborne School of Mines and the Imperial College London. He shares with me how making the move to the UK exposed him to mining practices that were developed hundreds of years ago that are still in operation today. Being a passionate advocate for training and practical experience, Steve also shares his thoughts on developing a new generation of mining engineers. Enjoy.

We also talked about:

  • How Steve was encouraged to move into mining in the first place
  • How today’s technology allows better communications with loved ones on remote mine sites
  • The struggles with engineer graduates getting practical experience
  • Why the biggest problem in mining is getting people into jobs as quickly as possible
  • Why it’s crucial to develop cross-industry skill sets
  • How running his own small vein, hard rock mine was a great way for Steve to learn all aspects of mine operations
  • The benefits of bringing new blood into the industry
  • How viewing projects from multiple viewpoints makes for a better mine



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