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Worthy Parts Industry Link – Auction and Expo Revving Up

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The Worthy Parts Industry Link – Auction & Expo is coming up fast, and it’s looking like a humdinger.

On episode 35 of the Full Production podcast, the Expo’s ‘ringmaster’ Michael ‘Wortho’ Worthington joined us to give us the lowdown on what the show is all about. If you missed it, have a listen here.

But with things moving fast and some big things afoot, I thought it was worth getting Wortho back on to clue us in on all the big events happening in Kalgoorlie from December 1 to 4.

The Big Machines Hit Town For The Saint Barbara’s Day Festival

With Kalgoorlie’s iconic Saint Barbara’s Day Festival happening on the weekend of December 1 and 2, then followed up by the Expo on December 3 and 4, it’s going to be one hell of a show in the gold fields.

Wortho tells us that many of the big machines will be rolling into town down Hannan Street on the Sunday of the festival, so it’s going to be quite a sight. After that, they’ll be parked up at the oval where people can have a good look over them.

Networking At The Palace Hotel

Wortho and the Expo team have booked out Kalgoorlie’s famous Palace Hotel over the Sunday, so Expo attendees can grab a beer and catch up while watching the show roll along Hannan Street.

A Big (Very Big) Charity Event

The other big news is that Wortho and the team have put together a charity initiative to run over the course of the event and to help selected mining-related charities.

Here’s how it works. A local mining company has donated a used 2900G loader. A pledge board will be set up so that donations can be made to fund a rebuild of the loader. Once it’s done, it will be sold to a mining company, and the proceeds donated to help charities that support miners, their families and communities. I think you’ll agree this is something well worth supporting.

Don’t forget about the big auction with over 500 items of machinery and parts going under the hammer thanks to the help of Ross’s Auctioneers. You can find out more and pre-register here.

And keep in mind, if you want to be part of the Full Production podcast, yours truly will be there recording live.

Best of all, it’s still not too late to get involved. You can find out more by visiting the official page here.

You can hear the latest update with Michael here.