You are currently viewing EP.87 Bud O’Shannessy on Learning from Experience and Building a Meaningful Mining Career

EP.87 Bud O’Shannessy on Learning from Experience and Building a Meaningful Mining Career

Rising through the ranks in mining can be a tricky endeavor, and it’s normal to ask yourself – how can you plan for success?

Each Wednesday join me, Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as I navigate the ups and downs of the mining industry with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. If you’re involved in the mining industry in any way – whether you’re a lifer or a high-school student looking to make the leap – Full Production is the podcast for you.

This week we welcome on Bud O’Shannessy, Director of LiveMine. LiveMine is product of Advanced Mining Production Systems, and is a data collection software solution for underground mining operations. LiveMine helps mine operators gain accurate, real-time insights to better manage mine sites and make data-driven decisions.

Bud has had a robust career in mining, working practically every corner of a mine site. He’s a legend in the industry and has had plenty of life lessons that come with working in mining. There are heaps of takeaways for anyone in this episode, no matter where you are in your career.

We also discussed:

  • An overview of Live Mine and Bud’s story to build it from the ground up.
  • The importance of commitment for a new business idea.
  • What life was like growing up in Gilgandra.
  • Bud’s early days in mining and recalling come close-calls on site.
  • The journey to work your way up the ranks in mining.
  • Talking operations and how sites have developed over Bud and Pete’s careers.
  • Opening up about mental health and working in the mining industry.
  • Tools to keep you in your best mental state.
  • Breaking in new technology in the mining industry.
  • Bud’s advice for others coming up in mining.



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