You are currently viewing EP.19 Bushy Martin on Successful Investing for Miners and Finding Your Freedom Number

EP.19 Bushy Martin on Successful Investing for Miners and Finding Your Freedom Number

Bushy Martin is a bit of legend when it comes to helping miners make the most of their income and achieving financial independence. That’s why it’s an absolute pleasure to have him on this episode of Full Production. He’s a plain talker with a bunch of experience and great advice, no matter whether you’re a miner just starting out or you’ve been around a while and looking towards retirement.

As Bushy says when he meets clients at his business – the Know How Group – if you’re looking for quick and easy, get-rich-quick schemes, his advice isn’t going to suit you. But if you’re looking for solid, long-term financial strategies with a focus on living the life you want to live, then you’re going to get a lot out of this episode. He even goes through step-by-step how to figure out your financial freedom numbers. But wait there’s more. We also get into relationships, the future of mining and miners and a bunch more. It’s a hell of a ride.

Here’s just some of what we dig into with Bushy:

  •      What you can learn from his own journey back from being divorced, depressed and destitute
  •      Why the traditional model of work, save, retire is a crock
  •      Living by intent and by design
  •      What drives him – why he started Know How, what he does and why he focuses on miners
  •      Why you shouldn’t become dependent on the big money
  •      Why choosing the right financial adviser is a bit like a marriage
  •      Keys to good property investment
  •      Finding your freedom numbers
  •      Why he’s no fan of financial ‘jargonese’
  •      The Freedom Formula approach
  •      Financially rolling with the mining rollercoaster


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