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Creating Business Policies That Drive Client Engagement

Running a business takes time, effort, patience and a lot of learning on the go, which is why making sure you have good policies in place makes smart business sense. There’s a ton of policies you can put in your business, around payroll and HR all the way through to ones that have a social aspect, like smoking and drinking. Big corporations have policies that are focused on customer service and experience to make sure that their employees always provide the best they can for the customer. You don’t have to be a large corporation to adopt these customer-centric policies though, you can adopt them to your own needs.

A Value Add Policy
We’ve adopted a value add strategy in our business that makes sure we deliver above and beyond for our clients. What this means in the real world is making sure we provide value, we look for ways to go that extra step every time. This could be by pointing out more than one solution to approach a problem, or it could be by providing five resumes for possible candidates for a job when the client asked for three.

Use Our Expertise Policy
One of the most effective policies we have in our business is taking our knowledge of the mining industry and how our clients operate, and using it to be as effective as possible. We make sure that when we’re meeting with our clients, we take the time to share our knowledge and expertise to help them solve the issues they have in their business. Showing your clients support freely will build strong and lasting relationships that will only help your business to thrive.

The Opportunity Policy
I’ve adopted a policy for business that centres around looking for the opportunities that come across my path each day, and making sure I follow up on them. For example, if I’m in a meeting with a client and they talk about roles they’re looking to fill, I’ll make a note of it. Then, over the next few hours, I’ll send a brief email listing some people I have on my books that might fit that role. When I force myself to look out for opportunities, and have my team do the same, we step into a role where we can leverage our existing clients for more opportunities to work with each other.

The more you set your business up for success and put in place processes and policies that support your efforts, the more likely you are to create a business that grows year-on-year and expands beyond what you thought was possible. Putting your time into creating policies that put your business’ focus on your clients will be the best investment you can make.