You are currently viewing EP.99 Dr. Liz on Connecting the Dots Between Mental Health and Mining

EP.99 Dr. Liz on Connecting the Dots Between Mental Health and Mining

One should never feel like they have to walk their mining journey alone.

This week on Full Production we chat to Dr. Elizabeth Vueltich, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Director of Mindlink Psychology – as well as a Non-Executive Director of Miners’ Promise.

In this episode Dr. Liz sheds light on the psychology behind the experiences that many of us have in the mining industry. We also hear about her experience managing teams dealing with crisis support and mental health matters.

We also discussed:

  • Liz’s background and how she came to Miners Promise.
  • What life was like growing up for Liz.
  • How Dr. Liz discovered her passion for psychology.
  • Going over Liz’s time as a FIFO wife.
  • The process of going through a significant loss or crisis.
  • The importance of resilience in life and not being defined by one thing or experience.
  • The stigma around mental health in the mining industry.
  • A look into Miners Promise and how the help people in the mining industry.
  • Substance abuse and diving into the mindset that drives this.
  • Gaining perspective on how people live around the world.
  • A closer look at MindLink and what they do.



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Miners’ Promise – Website or phone 1300 124 014

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