You are currently viewing EP.39 A Look Back at Some of the Best Parts of Full Production in 2018

EP.39 A Look Back at Some of the Best Parts of Full Production in 2018

Some of the best lessons in life are the ones you can go back to and learn from them again and again.

Each Wednesday, join Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as he navigates the ups and downs of the industry with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. If you’re involved in the mining industry in anyway — whether you’re a lifer or a high school student looking to make the leap — Full Production is the perfect podcast for you.

In this week’s episode we are taking a look back over some of the best from Full Production. We have had some fantastic episodes and there are some that deserve a second listen.

Hear some of the highlights from episode 12, my chat with Brett Robbo where we went deep into what makes me tick. Brett Robbo asked me some tough questions that lets me talk about why I am so passionate about miners and the mining industry and why the best way forward is to put the human element back into the work we do.

It couldn’t be a highlight episode with including my chat with Bushy Martin from episode 19. Bushy Martin is a bit of legend when it comes to helping miners make the most of their income and achieving financial independence. He’s a plain talker with a bunch of experience and great advice, no matter whether you’re a miner just starting out or you’ve been around a while and looking towards retirement.

We had to include episode 09 on the list with my interview with John Claus. John and I chat about his long career in mining and the lessons he’s learned along the way, leading to his current position as General Manager at MSD Mining Solutions. He shares with me how mining was always in his blood, and how he knew from a young age that this was the industry for him. As too many people nowadays are drawn to mining because of the money, John is one of those rare people who is genuinely passionate about the work he does.

We go way back to episode 02 and revisit that episode with Helen Fitzroy. Helen was kind enough to sit down and tell me her story in detail. We talked about her early years, the accident involving her husband and what she did in the aftermath. We touched on dealing with grief, how workplace safety is changing, and her experience as a speaker and advocate over the last 20 years.  



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