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Being a Game Changer in Recruitment and Contracting

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There’s a ton of contractors in the mining industry, all stating that they can provide the best workers for any type of mine work available. When I started FACE, I did it because I could see a gap in the way that recruitment was done. My team and I go beyond simply finding a candidate who can do a job, we make sure we fill a role with the person with the right passion for the job.

It’s for the Love
Some workers who approach us for a job do it because they want to find a role that can earn them a lot of cash. Working in a mine does come with the potential to earn a good income, but if the only motivation you have is financial then you might not be the kind of worker we’re looking for. Working in a mine can be tough and the hours are often brutal – having money as a motivator can quickly find you in a situation that is difficult to keep going. If you’re passionate about the work on offer and genuinely want to work in the industry, then we’ll always have a spot for you at FACE.

Bringing More Than Skills
I’ll always give someone a go at working in a mine if they can show me that they’re trustworthy and have a plan in place for their career. There are skills you need to work certain jobs, sure, but that doesn’t mean those skills need to be learned in the mining industry. If you can demonstrate to me that you have a good head on your shoulders and have skills that can be brought across from similar jobs in other industries, then I’d be interested in a conversation about your plans.

Go the Personal Touch
We’re all about the personal touch at FACE. We’ve got to where we are today by making solid connections across the industry. We’ve done this through our own experiences working in mines and through our reputation on projects we’ve managed in our time working alongside some of the biggest mining companies in the industry. We value these relationships and usually find the people we’re looking for through our network of contacts, whether that’s through a chat over a beer or through a conversation with one of our guys on the job. We’ll always consider a candidate for a role if they’re vouched for by someone we already work with.

With our strong reputation and our connections across the industry, FACE contracting is uniquely positioned to fill the roles that need dedicated people. We know what each mine role entails beyond our view in our offices and from the pages of a job description. There is no one like us working in the industry today, and there probably won’t be anyone like us tomorrow either.