You are currently viewing EP.89 Kieran Toohey on Supporting Your Mates and Tools to Talk About Mental Health

EP.89 Kieran Toohey on Supporting Your Mates and Tools to Talk About Mental Health

Mental health is an important conversation, and as attitudes change towards this topic we find that more organisations are working to highlight mental health in the mining industry. 

Each Wednesday join me, Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as I navigate the ups and downs of the mining industry with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. If you’re involved in the mining industry in any way – whether you’re a lifer or a high-school student looking to make the leap – Full Production is the podcast for you.   

This week we chat to Kieran Toohey, Case Manager for MATES in Mining.   

MATES in Mining is an initiative of the Australian Mining industry based on the successful MATES in Construction program in the Australian construction industry. The MATES family aims to reduce the suicide rate among Australian mining and construction workers.  We learn more about all they do to support miners, including raising awareness, training, and assistance.  

If you or your mate or doing it tough, call MATES in Mining anytime on 1300 642 111.  

We also discussed: 

  • Kieran’s journey to working with MATES in Mining, including his time in the military. 
  • Comparing the military and mining. 
  • Understanding your “why” in the mining industry and dealing with tough situations. 
  • Having the conversation around mental health. 
  • Some great stories from Kieran about how mental health support helps. 
  • The impacts of mindfulness and meditation. 
  • What MATES in Mining does and more about this charity. 
  • The importance of supporting your mates. 


MATES in Mining – Website 

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MATES in Construction – Website 

Kieran Toohey – LinkedIn