You are currently viewing EP.78 Leanne Hughes on Finding Your Next Career Step and Tuning in to Yourself

EP.78 Leanne Hughes on Finding Your Next Career Step and Tuning in to Yourself

How can we be sure that we are making the most of our careers and putting ourselves out there? In the mining industry, it’s not always clear cut and it can be easy to fall into a fixed mindset. This week we hear about how to put some thought and energy towards keeping your career momentum going.

Each Wednesday join me, Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as I navigate the ups and downs of the mining industry with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. If you’re involved in the mining industry in any way – whether you’re a lifer or a high-school student looking to make the leap – Full Production is the podcast for you.

This week we talk to Leanne Hughes who is a facilitator, coach, consultant, and keynote speaker, and host of the First Time Facilitator podcast. Leanne has had previous roles in Thiess and

While Leanne isn’t your usual mining character, she has plenty of experience in the industry and provides us with some great insight on growth and achieving your goals. This episode is a great listen to gather ideas on how to level-up your career, no matter where you’re at.

We get into a great conversation about entrepreneurship, building a business, and how not to lose yourself in the process. Leanne is an expert facilitator, and we learn about how important this is to any kind of business.

We also discussed:

  • Leanne’s trip to the US and opportunities created for her there.
  • The importance of genuine intentions.
  • Having conversations with influencers and why it’s easier than you think.
  • How positive recognition affects productivity.
  • How to avoid living life on default.
  • Creating space for yourself in order to achieve your goals.
  • Fixed mindsets vs. growth mindsets.
  • The modern working environment and what businesses are doing to adapt.
  • The importance of working relationships and how to deal with negative people.
  • Leadership behaviours and building culture.
  • The art of under promising and over-delivering.
  • Why you don’t have to know all the answers all the time.
  • Leanne’s background facilitating workshops in the mining industry.
  • Prestart training in the modern mining environment.
  • Leanne’s top tips for MC’ing events and keynote speaking.



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