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The Passion Behind FACE Contracting

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They say you shouldn’t make your living doing what you love because, as soon as what you love becomes ‘a job’, it’ll quickly turn from a passion into a chore. I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing further from the truth. If you don’t do what you love and make a living from it, then why are you doing that thing to begin with? When I started FACE contracting, there were a few motivations in stepping out on my own, but the biggest reason was my love of helping people.

There really is something fantastic about taking the time to listen to what someone wants and then figuring out a way to help them achieve it. I realised that, when I was working in a typical employee/employer set-up, I was limited in my ability to connect the right people with the right roles. While I was managing work crews, I knew that I could move people around to a small degree, but helping people to take the big leaps into different areas or completely different roles was not as easy.  

Spending downtime with people I knew in the industry, I could see a pattern that was developing. Friends of mine who were managing mines were constantly on the lookout for people dedicated to their roles. And my mates working in the mines were looking for roles where they could take their existing skills and apply them in a new way. This is ultimately what created FACE, I could vouch for people I knew who were more than capable of doing a great job with operators who were looking for people to fill roles.

With the skills I had developed working on mines across Australia, I was able to talk to management teams and sell people to them in a way they could understand, and in a way that the individual worker wasn’t able to communicate. I found my calling as the person who could bridge the gap between management and the average bloke.

After I identified this gap, it didn’t take long for the business to grow to what it is today – and it’s growing stronger every year. There’s no other recruitment company that can bring the level of consulting that FACE brings to the industry. We have a deep-rooted level of experience in working in the mining industry from the perspectives of the workers and management. And what drives it all is my passion to connect people with where they want to be and help them to take the next step in their career – a winning combination that ensures we find the best people for the best employer’s year-on-year.