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Why Safety in the Workplace Is More Than a Process

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It should be no surprise that working in the mining industry can be a risky business. Working with heavy machinery means there needs to be a strict undertaking on the health and safety of workers. And while there is already a ton of legislative requirements and laws that dictate mine safety, I have built several additional key metrics to ensure that each worker I am responsible for receives the highest level of care.

Real World Experience
When I work with mine operations and department managers, one of the leading elements that allows us to create a safe environment for workers is with the reputation and experience that I’ve built over the years. The operators I work with know that I have a real understanding of what it’s like to work in the mine and run the operations side of it. I know through personal experience what will and won’t work in most mining approaches, and what will see the best outcome when it comes to workers’ health and wellbeing while completing their duties.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Process
Working with mine operations and through my own tenure in supervisory roles, I’ve developed a thorough, relatable process that enables me to work through any problem that may arise. Explaining the reasons behind health and safety requirements also allows everyone involved in the process to understand why particular approaches are needed. And this results in a far better operated mine. By taking this approach to health and safety implementation with the mining companies, it allows me to build for them optimal policies for health and safety.

The Right Attitude
You can have all the processes and policies you want on a job site, but when it comes down to it, if the attitude of the workers isn’t at the right level then things will fall apart. It’s essential in the hiring process for workers to know who can hold their own and who has the right attitude when it comes to safety. Ultimately, the implementation of the safety policies comes down to each individual working on the mine to look out for each other and to make sure that, when working a shift, they’re in the right mind frame to complete their duties safely.
When you don’t have the extra items needed to ensure a safe work environment, then you run the risk that there will be near misses or possibly injuries in the work space. It’s imperative that people who know mines are involved in the creation and implementation of health and safety policies to ensure that the real-world application of those policies is worth much more than the paper they’re written on.