You are currently viewing EP.84 Steve Nappy on Identifying Opportunities in Mining and Supporting People to Grow and Thrive

EP.84 Steve Nappy on Identifying Opportunities in Mining and Supporting People to Grow and Thrive

Identifying a business opportunity is one thing – but building a business where people can thrive can be a mindset that’s hard to come by. 

Each Wednesday join me, Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as I navigate the ups and downs of the mining industry with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. If you’re involved in the mining industry in any way – whether you’re a lifer or a high-school student looking to make the leap – Full Production is the podcast for you. 

This week we talk to Steve Nappy, seasoned Kalgoorlie businessman who is General Manager for Minspares and Director of Hydramech Engineering. We get to hear the story of how his career evolved from a start in aviation engineering to underground hard rock mining. Steve also sheds insight into how he has managed to build multiple businesses over his career and lessons learned during the process. 

We caught up with Steve earlier this year at Diggers and DealersHe is great at identifying business solutions and champions a people-first approach, and we get to hear some of his best tips. 

We also discussed: 

  • Steve’s background and his journey from the air force to mining. 
  • Lessons learned about becoming a leader in life. 
  • Breaking down Steve’s business ventures. 
  • How Steve recognised solutions needed in the mining industry. 
  • Innovations in cylinder technology and the impacts of sensors. 
  • How Steve looks after work-life balance in each of his businesses. 
  • The importance of old school tactics in the modern mining world. 
  • Investing in people in your business. 
  • Building up a parts inventory. 
  • Getting through cycles in the mining industry. 



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