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Why You Should Try to Be ‘Brainless’ in Your Daily Life

If I told you that you should strive to be brainless, what would you think?

My latest guest on Full Production, Tim Brayshaw, does exactly that on a daily basis. A former diesel mechanic from the country outskirts of Victoria, Tim quit his job in the mining industry to pursue his dream of running a clothing brand.

The brand, appropriately called Brainless, is a reflection of Tim’s intense worldview. It’s a philosophy that isn’t about not thinking. It’s about being in touch with your feelings and intuition and going with your gut, following that internal guidepost that will lead you to a real sense of satisfaction.

When Tim was working as a diesel mechanic, he quickly fell into a rut that’ll sound familiar: working your days on, drinking your days off. He realised that this was no way to spend his life, and decided to make a change and pursue his dream of owning a company. “I’m gonna jump two feet straight off this cliff and see what happens,” he said during our talk when telling me about the decision to quit his job.

That’s how he came up with his brand’s motto: No Pressure, No Diamonds. For Tim, struggle and conflict is where the magic happens. It’s what happens behind closed doors — the discipline and consistency that it takes to get into shape, or get a company off the ground, or write a book — that brings real results.

Tim says he’s met so many people who, at later stages in life, are doing the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ regret cycle. Instead of chasing the crazy dreams they had earlier in life, they took the easy route and ended up kicking themselves for it. While there’s nothing wrong with making a good living and taking care of your loved ones, Tim truly does believe that if you have the means, you should go for what you really want.

Even for older folks in our industry, plenty think that they can’t start a new business or chase a new job. But I really think that people need to realise that they’re not trapped, they just need to put a plan in place. Plan out the next six, twelve months, and ask yourself what you exactly need to do to really give your dream a shot.

I’ll leave you with a quote from my conversation with Tim that might make you reconsider your path in life.

“Usually the reward on the other side,” he told me, “is 10 times greater than whatever you’re going through.”

No matter what you’re experiencing, there’s always a way out. Don’t forget that.

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