You are currently viewing EP.30 The Storied History of NSW Mining with Bob Besley of Silver City Minerals

EP.30 The Storied History of NSW Mining with Bob Besley of Silver City Minerals

A new generation of miners requires a new way of approaching the mining industry, one that puts people above profit.

Each Wednesday, join Peter Finn, managing director of FACE Contracting, as he navigates the ups and downs of the industry with forward-thinking professionals from all walks of life. If you’re involved in the mining industry in any way — whether you’re a lifer or a high school student looking to make the leap — Full Production is the perfect podcast for you.

Our latest episode features Bob Besley of Silver City Minerals. Bob is a lifer in the mining industry and has some great stories to tell from an incredible career throughout Australia. I listened intently as Bob described his days working at the Cobar and Broken Hill mining sites, the latter of which is home to one of the world’s largest accumulations of silver, lead and zinc.

In this episode, Bob recounts successes, challenges and lessons learned throughout his many years in the mining industry.

Here are some of the things Bob and I discuss:

  • Bob’s unique origin story
  • How he came to acquire so much business in Broken Hill, NSW
  • How Bob generated a ten-year lifetime for one mine
  • Why mine managers need to always be ready for challenges from left field
  • How the mining industry has helped local communities
  • Mining opportunities in NSW
  • Bob’s war stories in the industry
  • The challenges of getting finances for mining projects

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