You are currently viewing EP.7 The Power of Training with Damien Palazzi from Sitetrain

EP.7 The Power of Training with Damien Palazzi from Sitetrain

In this week’s episode of the Full Production podcast, I talk to another Cobar connection, Damien Palazzi. I’ve worked with Damien for a while now, and he’s my go-to guy when it comes to training for the mining industry. Damien’s had a varied career in the industry, and has worked across the country. For the last few years, Damien’s led the way, providing high-quality and relevant site-based training for the resources sector.  

We have a robust chat about the importance of having site-based training in mines, and the advantages this gives to both mines and their staff. We talk about the flow-on effects that providing certified training options to staff can have on operational culture, and Damien explains why simple is always better and what makes him nervous and excited for the future of the industry.

There’s also a special offer from Damien exclusive to Full Production listeners, so be sure to tune in and give the show a listen.  

We also get into all of this stuff too…

  • How failing as a metallurgist kick started Damien’s career
  • The way that mines shrink and grow their output over time
  • How Damien’s own training and career led him to start Sitetrain
  • How on-site training is critical to a mine’s success
  • The advantages to having traineeships
  • Why investing in training helps with on-site culture
  • The reason training is always money well spent
  • Verification of competency explained simply
  • What the future of the mining industry looks like
  • The best ways to create environments for staff to thrive in



Damien Palazzi – LinkedIn
SiteTrain – website