You are currently viewing EP.111 Dinghy Pattinson on Pike River and Uncovering Answers in the Wake of Tragedy

EP.111 Dinghy Pattinson on Pike River and Uncovering Answers in the Wake of Tragedy

In the face of a tragedy, what can we do to shape the mining industry to be better? The reminders we have about the importance of safety on site come at a cost that’s way too high. No matter who you are, speaking up when something doesn’t feel right, is crucial. 

This week we have a special interview for you on a topic that hits home for many miners. In this episode, Pete chats to Kevin (Dinghy) Pattinson, Chief Operating Officer of the Pike River Recovery Agency. 

For those not familiar with the history of Pike River – in November 2010, 29 miners lost their lives in a coal mining accident at the Pike River Mine located near Greymouth on New Zealand’s South Island. Since this disaster, the New Zealand Government has created the Pike River Recovery Agency to find answers around why this occurred.  

Dinghy provides deeper insight into the project, where they are now, and what lies ahead. 


We also discussed: 

  • Recent developments with the Pike River Recovery Project 
  • Overview of Dinghy’s career as a 5th generation miner. 
  • The importance of the mining industry and how it’s the backbone of many things we use in our everyday lives. 
  • Learnings from the Pike River Disaster and how the Pike River Recovery Project is working to promote accountability and prevent future incidents. 
  • What we can learn from mining disasters and how to prevent future ones. 
  • Going back over the incident and what led to the disaster. 
  • The importance of speaking up on mine sites, and what to do when things don’t feel right. 
  • What the future looks like for the Pike River area. 
  • The importance of transparency in the mining industry. 
  • Insight to the Pike River Recovery Agency and the work they’re doing, and how they’re getting through despite Covid restrictions. 



Dinghy Pattinson – LinkedIn 

Pike River Recovery Agency – Website