You are currently viewing EP.17 Jaye Robinson’s Incredible Journey Through the Mining Industry

EP.17 Jaye Robinson’s Incredible Journey Through the Mining Industry

On the latest episode of the Full Production podcast, I was lucky enough to meet with one of my best mates, Jaye Robinson, talk about his unconventional beginnings in the mining industry. Jaye and I grew up in Cobar together, and while we both went into mining, he made a radical decision to move to Africa in his early 20’s.

It was a move that opened his young eyes to the harsh reality of undeveloped working conditions. After contracting malaria and reaching his breaking point, Jaye decided he had enough and moved to Canada, where he would eventually establish the business he owns today, Austech Industries Ltd.

Jaye is not a big talker. But when he speaks, he always has something important to say. He’s a true representation of the humble mining ethos that I’m proud of, and no matter what sector of the industry you’re in, you’ll love this podcast.

In this episode, Jaye and I talk about:

  • Why Jaye decided at a young age that school wasn’t for him
  • The skill shortage that is threatening the industry
  • His first impressions when arriving in a Tanzanian work camp
  • Why contracting Malaria convinced Jaye that it was time to move on
  • How losing his home in a wildfire changed everything
  • Work opportunities for Aussies interested in moving to Canada
  • Jaye’s thoughts on the future of the industry
  • His motto of “bring it on and embrace it”



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